26.5.2019 Hamina Nordic Show

Great day in Hamina Nordic show under Mrs Pirjo Aaltonen.
❤️Gaya❤️ Stitch Style Gaya – EX1, BF1, CAC, NORD CAC, BEST OF BREED!!!
❤️Romeo❤️ Carte Truffe Jewel Of Crown – EX1, BM4, BEST OF BREED VETERAN!
❤️Bijou❤️ Carte Truffe Haute Couture – EX1, BEST OF OPPOSITE VETERAN!
Carte Truffe – 1, Prize Of Honour, BEST OF BREED BREEDER!
❤️Oscar❤️ Carte Truffe Front Page News – EX1, BM2, RES-CAC, RES-NORD CAC
❤️Mickan❤️Carte Truffe Funky Lady – EX1, BF3, RES-CAC